Third time trying Carrots Plus the people that I’ve learned from

I’ve planted carrots before and I had no idea what I was doing, but I grew them. I had only one raised bed at the time and I planted so many different things in this one box. We built it ourselves after figuring out which design we wanted for our raised bed. Many YouTube videos were watched. I didn’t know how deep to plant them or how tiny the carrot seeds were, how far or close to plant them. I just grabbed my packet of seeds and my hand rake, raked up the soil a little bit and sprinkled the carrots all around hoping that they would grow.

Axel and Duke hanging in the empty raised bed (2017)

We had great soil in the raised bed .The soil was called Black Kow and it was mainly cow manure and compost, but it worked. Bags of Black Kow were bought to give our plants the nutrients that they needed to thrive and survive. I can’t find that particular brand here in California. The excitement on all of our faces when we got to pick our first set of Tomatoes- I had no idea what I was doing with growing tomatoes either, but I did it. Planted them in the ground after I sliced one in half and just put it in the ground. It’s kind of my thing to just put seeds in the ground without following the directions or looking up how to actually plant them and how far apart they need to be in order to grow well. They grow well at times and I love it.

Now this time I’ve watched two different gardeners on two different zones and different states. I started following a lot of homesteaders last year when I decided to go ahead and get a garden going on this property and I said you know what let me go and really try to learn as much as I can about homesteading and gardening. I had a garden before. One at my home in NC and the other was when we previously lived out here before, but in Base Housing. This right here, this property here, I have grown more than I have before. So some of the veggies and fruit that I have growing, I am growing for the first time, like the zucchini squash- which grows so quickly you run out of ways to cook them- those get big super fast if you don’t pick them quickly. They go from like the size of my hand to the size of my arm within a matter of days.

Ok back to the two gardeners plus bonus homesteaders that I follow and glean from. Jessica from Roots and Refuge Farm, she is pretty awesome and has such a sweet personality and a lovely family and is on the east coast. I have learned so much from her within the first year of starting my hardcore journey into becoming a homesteader and gardener. I have watched so many of her videos on how to grow food and how to store them, but for this post we’re talking about carrots, so she has a video walking you through how to grow them and how deep to plant them and how far apart.

Here is the link to that video of growing carrots plus her YouTube channel and her website as well.

The next family that I watch all the time is Justin and Rebekah Rhodes. I found them through their movie The great American farm tour. I immediately fell in love with their whole entire family and lifestyle and just everything. They are such an amazing family to watch and to learn from. They make homesteading look easy. Justin uploads videos to their YouTube channel daily I believe. I love how all of their children are all so involved in the family farm. When Justin is up to do farm chores, so are the kids and they each have chores that they do to help out with or they do totally on their own and that is so inspiring to me to see how the kids are doing things and enjoying it as well. Like I said before they make it look so easy. Getting my kids to just come down stairs is a struggle and don’t get me started on trying to get them to come help out in the garden. But I’m sure that they don’t want to get up that early to do farm chores all the time though because, well, you know how kids are, they can be stubborn and moody and just down right unpleasant, but we couldn’t live without them and you know it. https://www.

Following The Rhodes family and Jessica from roots and refuge opened up the door to a whole community of people who homestead and raise their own farm animals and grow their own food. It opened up the door to so much learning and growing and freedom. I love it and I’m glad that my heart continues to stay on this path of freedom and happiness.

Our very first carrot that we grew , probably to early though 2019

That’s it for now. We will see how these Carrots that we just planted grow. Even though we see tiny little green tops starting to pop through the soil, we can’t wait until they are fully mature enough to pick and then eat them. So here’s to happy growing whatever you are growing. Grow it and grow it well!!

Have a wonderful day!!!! The Petersen Homestead


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