A big one, but not the final one!!

Legos on the floor, kids still in their jammies, messy hair, did anyone eat lunch today? Oh my gosh your breath, did you brush your teeth today? I’m on my second cup of coffee of the day. I have a long list of things to get done and that list is a mile long already. Welcome to summer vacation!!!!

We’re moving back across the country for the millionth time. Why couldn’t it have been Okinawa that we were going back to? I would have still had the same long list of things to get done, but that duty station would have been so worth the long list. I would have been able to show my kids where I spent my teen years and where I met their daddy. There’s still time to get stationed there, but with only four years left in the Marine Corps- it’s wishful thinking.

Going back to a place that we just came from is like torture, not really but kind of. We don’t want to leave our home at all. There is not one ounce of me that wants to leave……Ok maybe half an ounce of me is excited. Only because I get to take my youngest little man to Disneyland for the first time and I’m putting seasons passes on the list. I can not wait to take him to the happiest place on Earth.

Don’t get me wrong I love California, I’ve spent my early childhood there. I have family there, cousins, memories, but it’s not where I would like to go back to just yet or maybe not at all. Now don’t get me wrong California is beautiful and there are so many amazing places to see. I can’t wait to experience the beauty of California, knowing that I will miss my home here, but we will make the best of the years away as best as possible.

What I know is that being a Military family is hard. There are separations that take up half of the year or more, some Birthdays and Anniversaries will be missed. We make our own family with each move and the older the kids get, the harder it becomes to move away. We have a home here, we have family here. My children and I get close with our friends, they all become family to us. We’ve built long-lasting bonds. This move will sting. This isn’t the final one, but its a big one !!!!!!

This one is a bit chaotic, which happens when summertime comes and when there is a big move happening. I hope you’ve enjoyed this. As we move I will document our trip across the country and how everyone is handling the trip. I would love your feedback and what you’d like to see when we make our trip. Thanks for stopping by.


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